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Rules & regulations

Extended Leave/leave of absence for students

The Independent Schools Act §3-13 cf. the Education Act § 2-11

Section 2-11. Leave of absence from compulsory education

The school cannot grant a leave of absence for religious reasons other than the celebration of religious holidays. Students cannot go to the church/temple/mosque, etc. during the school day, unless it’s a religious holiday and that they are granted a leave of absence.

Parents/students at the age of 15 and up have to apply by filling out the online application in advance and ensure necessary tuition during the leave.

In our school the leave request must be submitted to the principal at least 10 working days before the intended leave. Once approved the teachers will supply an individual study plan. This work must be completed while on leave and on return to school must be signed by each subject teacher to recognise that the set work was completed. The student then needs to hand the signed document to their contact teacher. The contact teacher will copy this and give it back to the student for their own files.

The school may grant a leave for up to 10 school days (2 weeks) for different reasons. The Principal will assess the application and decide if it is defensible to grant a leave. Absence longer than 10 days is regarded as illegal and the school may regard the student as if he/she has left/withdrawn from the school. The student/parents then have to reapply for placement and will be considered according to our admission criteria. We cannot promise that we have an opening when the student returns and we may have students that are higher up on the waiting list.

A student has the right to remove up to 10 days from the report card.

The main rule is that all absence in years 8, 9 and 10 is recorded on the report card.

The student or the parents can request that up to 10 days of the absence each year is removed from the report card (only for years 8-10). Only whole days can be removed, not single hours/lessons. The student also requires that the school attaches a document that explains the reason for the absence. The school sends out instructions and a reminder for this every year approximately 6 to 8 weeks before the final reports are submitted.

Students can request to remove absence due to:

– documented medical reasons after day 3 (from day 4)
– documented chronic illness or disability from day 1
– approved study leave from day 1 (Please refer to the approved study leave documentation required)

Documented leave means approved leave (individual decision from school) or a doctor’s certificate. This documentation must be supplied when you apply for the absences to be removed. This includes the completed work that could be included in an individual study agreement.

Decision making
The decision-making authority in cases concerning leaves of absence is the principal. The Education Act does not specify the qualifying criteria for assessing applications for leave of absence. Nor does it govern a number of leaves a pupil may be granted during the school year. The condition laid down by the Education Act is that a leave of absence may be granted “when it is deemed appropriate”. Each application will be evaluated according to the best judgement of the school administration and parents will be promptly notified of the decision of the school.

The Principal will consult with the teacher(s) to decide if the leave is appropriate for the student. This decision is based upon, but not limited to:

The amount of absence prior to the leave
The student’s educational situation
The student’s/family’s personal situation
The timing of the leave in relation to the delivery of the educational program
Parents have the right to appeal the decision of the school Principal to the County Governor in Trøndelag (Statsforvalteren).

Apply online for leave of absence from here.

Click here to view the flowchart. 

AR 6158 – Independent Study Agreements

The Board of Directors authorizes independent study as an optional instructional strategy for students, where equivalent requirements for class and\or course study may be adequately met through study outside of the regular classroom setting. The international constituency of ThIS demands a degree of flexibility in the school leave policy due for example to the various religious calendars, immediate families living abroad and calendar differences between countries and cultures.

Independent study offers a means of individualizing the educational plan and enabling students to reach curriculum objectives and fulfill graduation requirements. It does not replace regular school day instruction.

Students are required to complete a comparable course of study to receive full course credit. Completion of an Independent Study Agreement may not necessarily be given equal value or credit in its evaluation by teaching staff and may have a subsequent negative impact on student evaluation or grades. Where Independent Study Agreements are incomplete, student work will be evaluated as incomplete and graded appropriately.

The Head of School or designee shall approve independent study for an individual student only upon determining that the student is prepared to meet the School’s requirements for independent study, is likely to succeed in independent study, and has not accumulated absences in excess that would negatively impact the student’s ability to succeed in the School’s educational Programme.

The minimum period of time for any independent study option shall be (3) three school days and a maximum of 10 days for any Independent Study Agreement.

The Head of School or designee shall ensure that a written Independent Study Agreement (AR 6158), exists for each participating student and that approved absences from regular school attendance comply with the Norwegian Education Act and Independent School Act.

The Student and Parents/Guardian are required to meet with the teacher to review the plan for an independent study and both must sign that they agree to be responsible for its completion. It must return to the school at the terminating date. The assigned work will be evaluated/graded and the ISA will be archived.

If you would like to apply for a leave for your child from Trondheim International School, this application form needs to be completed at least 10 days before the intended leave.

The school may grant a leave for up to 10 school days (2 weeks) for different reasons.
The Principal will assess the application and decide if it is appropriate to grant a leave. The student/parents then have to reapply for placement and will be considered according to our admission criteria. We cannot promise that we have an opening when the student returns and we may have students that are higher up on the waiting list.

Apply online for leave of absence from here.

Students have a right to contest the final grade given in a report. This is in accordance with “Forskrift til Opplæringsloven” §5-4 of the education act. To act on this, you must submit a signed letter by the due date indicated in the final reports. The contesting of grades, may lead to an increase or a decrease in the grade.

Nynorsk assessment
As an international school we have an exemption from Nynorsk. Students are provided with a letter stating this when they graduate from year 10.

Norwegian assessment
The explanation for Norwegian assessment is outlined in the Language policy.

Individual Education Plan (IEP )
Students who have an IEP can have an assessment that accommodates for their learning needs. Refer to the school’s inclusion policy to see how the IEP’s are developed in the school.

Students have a right to necessary counseling on education, occupational offers and occupational choices (career counseling).

Based on Fsl. § 3-11, Generelt om retten til rådgivning, se Forskriften § 7-1, Om sosialpedagogisk rådgivning, se Forskriften § 7-2.

Students are entitled to a free school bus card according to the Norwegian Education Act (Opplæringsloven §7-1 and Privatskoleloven §3-7).
Students in grade 1 who live further than 2km from school are entitled to a free bus card and 4km for students from grade 2 and up.

Other transport
Students with disability, temporary injury or sickness can apply for other means of transportation if necessary. Parents can send a request to the school with a medical certificate and the school will forward it to Trøndelag Fylkeskommune who will make the decision.

The school environment of pupils:

Chapter 9a underlines that each pupil has the right to a good physical and psycho-social environment.

An overview of paragraph 9a of the Education Act of Norway in English as published by UDIR – Norwegian Department of Education.

Information for parents concerning the school environment.

Godt skolemiljø
Dere som elever har rett til et godt skolemiljø der dere er trygge, trives og
kan lære. Dette er bestemt i en lov som heter opplæringsloven.
Elever og ansatte må oppføre seg bra overfor hverandre på skolen. Du skal
for eksempel ikke bli mobbet, utestengt eller slått. Ingen skal si noe negativt til deg om utseende, klær, tro, seksuell legning, dialekt eller andre ting.
Lærere, rektor og andre ansatte må arbeide for at dere som elever skal ha
det bra på skolen. De som jobber på skolen, skal vite hvordan de kan oppdage problemer, og hvordan de kan løse dem.


School Environment Plan

Students have a right to be represented in various committees/ bodies of the school.

This includes:

Student council (§5-3 Privatskoleloven)
School coordinating committee (§Psl. § 2-4 som henviser bl.a. til opplæringsloven §§ 9a-5 og 9a-6)
School Board (Psl. § 5-1)

The school community will use ICT to develop the skills to investigate, create, communicate, collaborate, and organise. The school community will become responsible digital citizens through guided practice using ICT in school. Students do not use ICT unless they are directed. This includes personal mobile phones and smart watches. ThIS inspires actions and contributes to the local, national and international communities.

ICT Use Agreements
We have 3 differentiated ICT Use Agreements for parents to refer to in our school (MYP Use agreement, PYP 4/5/6 and PYP 1/2/3). These are reviewed annually and are agreed upon and signed when the family joins the school and at the beginning of every school year. A copy of these are found in the ICT policy.

In addition, the school has Staff Guidelines for Information Safety and ICT security procedures for the staff to review and sign every year.

Legal – Privacy – reference privacy laws
Personal Data Regulations.

Trondheim International School conforms to Norwegian privacy regulations and is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). These are reviewed regularly and are in line with the needs of the school.

These include;

Risk Assessment for ICT
ICT Security Procedures (signed and understood by staff)
Staff guidelines for Information safety (signed and understood by staff)
Data Use Agreements with all vendors that collect personal data.

Personal information that is necessary for conducting the education will be stored and processed in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Act (Personopplysningsloven) Chapter II and the school’s internal routines for student information and files.

Trondheim International School will not give any information about students or parents to anyone without consent or unless the law allows us to. We are required by law, in certain cases, to pass certain information about students to the local municipality, the county council, social services, child welfare services and the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Organisation (NAV).   

Students and parents have the right to know what kind of personal data is stored at school, how it is processed and what it is used for. They also have the right to access their own personal data stored in the school. 

Please contact the School Office if you want to receive a copy of the information about you or your child that we hold.


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