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Parent Committee

Parent Committee

The Parent Committee (PC) is the link between the parents and the school. The PC works to protect and promote the interest of the parents with regards to the School Boards, school administration and the teaching staff. The PC also works to help these bodies to better communicate with the school’s parents.

The PC bylaws 2016 (Vedteker til foreldreåret ThIS)

PC representatives are the link between the parents of each class and the PC. PC representatives are elected by parents at the beginning of the school year. Two parent representatives from each preschool class and grade level are elected to represent their class for a one year term.

School Year 2021-2022  

Class PC Reps
PC president Caroline Cheng
PYP1 Saba Niyaro
  Tugba Arsava
PYP2 Linn-Mari Saksvik
  Alexey Pavlov
PYP3 Padraic Garvey
  Benedicta Kiplesund
PYP4 Susanne Jäschke
  Edel Stokholm
PYP5 Frode Manstad-Hulaas
  Ann Jeanett Manstad-Hulaas
PYP6 Trina Galloway
  Ida Christine Breivik
MYP7 Ingvild Kalland
  Xiaomeng Su
MYP8 Dawn Behne
  Sarah Irving
MYP9 Arnulf Johansen
  Jennifer Branlat
MYP10 Mathilde Barriet
Megan Norris

Roles PC Board 2021/2022
President Caroline Cheng (pcpresident@this.no)
Vice president  Linn Mari Saksvik
Secretary Ingvild Kalland
Treasurer Edel Stokholm
Internal auditor Trina Galloway


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